Based on the work of Joseph Pilates.

Pilates is a body conditioning method that works in a different way to other fitness techniques. It works by building strength from inside out! One is encouraged to breathe more efficiently by breathing laterally into the lower ribcage. The creation of a ‘Girdle of Strength’ targeting the deep ‘Core’ postural muscles that stabilise the torso is one of the primary aims and correcting imbalances bringing the body into correct alignment. It helps reshape your body, which will become longer, leaner and more toned. It will also improve your posture, achieving the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Precise, controlled, following movements mean that muscle ligament damage is avoided. The Pilates method offers both mental and physical training, teaching you to be in ‘Control of your Body’.

The Eight Principles of Body Control Pilates

- Relaxation
- Concentration
- Breathing
- Alignment
- Centering (Core Stability)
- Co-ordination (Control)
- Flowing Movement
- Stamina

Pilates for Men

Are they too macho for the likes of Pilates exercises? Try telling that to the top sportsmen all over the world for whom Pilates classes are compulsory to help prevent injuries, premier league footballers, the England cricket athletics are well versed in the benefits of doing Pilates. Pilates is an effective form of exercise because it develops core strength and improves your posture, something all men can benefit from just as much as women. Those core muscles that Pilates targets so perfectly can help alleviate back and shoulder problems so many of us suffer with from muscle imbalance.

So remember, only real men do Pilates!

Since 1996, Body Control Pilates has been at the forefront of the international growth in Pilates. We pioneered the development of group matwork Pilates by creating innovative training programmes for teachers that ensured that, for the first time since Joseph Pilates developed his method almost 90 years ago, almost everyone would have access to the benefits that Pilates offers.

Today, Body Control Pilates is widely seen as a benchmark for safe and effective teaching of the highest quality, with teachers working in more than 40 countries. It is Europe’s largest professional Pilates organisation with 1,100 teaching members and all of our certified teachers have, at a minimum, completed a comprehensive training course in Body Control Pilates matwork (Level 3). They work to a Code of Practice governing teaching standards, professional ethics and continuing education. This ensures that teachers continue to build their own skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis, with all Body Control Pilates teachers having access to a programme of more than thirty further courses after initial qualification.

Lynne Robinson is co-founder and director of Body Control Pilates Education. In the UK, the Times newspaper has hailed her as “The Queen of Pilates” and, recognising the impact that her work has had on general attitudes to fitness and on training techniques. Co-found Co-author of numerous best-selling books on the Pilates Method and presenter of ten Pilates DVDs, Lynne has now become an established media personality in the UK through her celebrity clients and her regular appearances on television and in the press.

"Lynne Robinson, founder of Body Control Pilates"

parallax background

I started in the fitness industry in the late 1980’s running my own studio in Hampstead, London. Teaching aerobics, step, body conditioning and in later years the ever popular body pump!

You might think that I was super fit teaching full time – but in fact deep within I was completely unfit due to lack of core strength. All I had gained was strength on the outside (the superficial muscles) deep within, my postural muscles were very weak, causing muscle imbalance, leading to a chronic back injury!

After spending two years and a lot of money visiting osteopaths and chiropractors I realised the only way forward was to train in Pilates to correct my back.

Since qualifying as a Body Control Pilates Instructor my life has completely changed, I have learnt a great deal about myself and my body mechanics. My back is completely cured! I am longer, stronger and move with confidence and have never felt so positive about my life.

To teach you have to believe in what you are teaching and there is nothing more rewarding than watching your clients getting not only physically but mentally stronger and free from pain and stress.

Body Control Pilates continues to challenge me physically, emotionally and intellectually, it has taken years to achieve some of the exercises and to get a real understanding of the technique, and the journey goes on!

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Europe's foremost professional Pilates organisation.

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